Celsius Resistance Band Kit


  • Three different levels of resistance
  • Great for strength training and recovery
  • Handles included to make a range of exercises easy

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If you’re recovering from injury or looking for a change up for your warm ups, the Celsius Resistance Band Kit opens up a range of exercises to help improve strength and mobility. With three different levels of resistance and a set of handles to make using these bands easy, this is a versatile choice for resistance training. You can move through the resistance levels on your recovery from injury, or on a path to developing greater strength using innovative resistance exercises targeting specific muscle groups.

  • Set includes: Light, medium and heavy resistance bands and two handles
  • Easily attach the handles with the carabiner hooks on each end of the bands
  • Great for recovering from injury, allowing you to progress through resistance levels as you build strength
  • Focus on specific muscle groups and build up strength and size using safe, low impact and innovative resistance training methods


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